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W54 Fitness is owned by Főhajó Kft. ( Budapest, 1204, Jósika utca 140.)

The entire area of W54 Fitness ( Budapest, 1077, Wesselényi utca 54.) must be used according to rules. The customers of the gym must apply the relevant laws.

Valid electronic cards are required to enter the gym and use the facilites and those must be purchased in advance.

The according rules of W54 Fitness and the supervisory actions of the staff are automatically accepted by every person - further on referred as Guest - who filled in and signed the Declaration of Intent* to enter the gym/join the community , when any tickets or passes are purchased.

By signing the Declaration of Intent, the Guest fully agrees and recognizes that her/his personal data will be incorporated into the data base of the electronic entry system. In addtion, personal photo is required to check the entry allowance. The owner (as operator) reserves the right to personally overview and verify the validity of the data provided by the Guest by checking the relevant ID cards. The owner (as operator) should not spread the obtained data towards any third party for buisness purpuses; the data should be handled according to the present law as introduced and explained in the Personal Data Safety Procedure Form**.

The remaining items on out of date passes or their equivalent financial values are not allowed to shift for another upcoming pass. Out of date passes cannot be used. W54 Fitness is not obligated to refund.

No pass can be extended or suspended even by medical proofs.

The personal details of the customers (name and the date of born) can only be used for registration purposes. W54 Fitness reserves the right to to check the ID card or other personal proofs of the customers to avoid miss registration. The Owner will not pass forward personal details of customers for marketing purposes.

In the case of losing or damaging a valid pass, W54 Fitness offers a new card for 1000 HUF which will allow the customer to consume the items remained on the lost/damaged card. Presenting the card is obligatory for enetering the gym and using the facilities.

The sport and other services of W54 Fitness are all available for you but only during the opening hours. Customers having resort to the services of W54 Fitness are kindly required to leave the gym before it closes.

Every customer is supposed to respect the policy and each other and keep the facilities clean.

Smoking, consuming alcohol, and any other activites against law and morality are strongly prohibited. Without the permission of the operator, no commercial and propaganadistic pictures or voice records can be spread or made.

It is prohibited in the gym to train another guest or to act as a trainer without the permission of the owner of the gym since this misleading behavior may cause disadvantages to the official trainers and thus lead to inconvenient situations and wrangling.

W54 Fitness owns the appropriate insurances but no responsibility will be taken either for personal injuries or for damaged facilities if the policy were not respected or the activity was against the law and morality. Furthermore, W54 Fitness does not take the responsibility for the items lost or taken either in the gym or from the changing rooms (including the lockers as well). Items found by any customer must be handed in and registered at the reception.

The services and sport facilites are used on your own responsibilty. Also, each and every customer takes the personal responsibility when participating personal traingings.

To enter the gym (and any other sport area), clean and appropriate sportswear is required.

Wearing clean sport shoes is obligatory. Traings in slippers, sandals or with barefoot are forbiden due to health and sanitary issues. None can enter the gym in outdoor shoes. Staff are allowed to ask Guests to leave if the policy doesn't accept.

Every customer is supposed to use the sport facilities and machines with care also paying responsible attention to her/his own body and fitness.

After use, please place every tools back in their order and set the machines and sport facilities ready for the next users.

We propose to use towels to keep your body and the machines clean. Guests should use the antiseptic materials located in the gym. Before enter gym must use antiseptic materials.

Every customer is allowed to use one locker in the appropriate female or male chaning room for free. Also, the operator offers free access to the Wifi and serveral more services.

Only plastic bottles are allowed for storing liquids in the gym. Any other items are prohibited. To save the clean sport area, foods and drinks are allowed to consume in the marked areas.

Please do not use your cell phone when using sport facilites and machines.

Cardio and other heavily exhausting parts of the gym cannot be used by customers below 14 years. Also, customers between 14-16 years are required to be supervised by either their parents or personal trainers.

The responsibilty for the damage caused by children must be taken by their legal representatives.

The items given when entering (i. e. locker key, sportwears, towels, etc.) must be given back at the reception before leaving. The customer takes the financial responsibility for all those items. Losing and thus replacing the key of the locker means 5000 HUF punishment.

The operator reservs the right to hold exclusive tranings and events in a part of the gym or in the entire area which may exclude other regular customers.

For your security, CCTV *** is operating in the public areas of the gym.

Anyone acting against the law and morality or against the policy will be warned. If refusing the warning, the operator will call her/him upon to leave and may strike her/im off the roll for a while or permanently. One being excluded has no right at all against the operator.

You may take a look on the policy at the recepation or it also can be downloaded here:

The operator reserves the right to modify the policy.