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It's almost 10 years since I am seriously interested in sports and professionally train myself. I became familiar with the world of heavy weights and since then it became my daily routine.
In 2015 I graduated as an IFBB trainer. I had chance to work together with such people like Tünde Palatinus (Fitness World Cup champion) and Tamás Veres (founder and trainer of Muscle and Brain). I was also a member of his team as a bikini model until 2017. Currently my professional training is supervised by Béla Kökény (IFBB Pro champion) from whom I can learn a lot. Then of course I try to share my knowledge and loving sport among my clients.
Beside the preperation of my own competitions I started to give classes as coach, and in the future I would like to focus this activity. I always aimed for improving my knowledge, that was why I started graduated as team instructor at MyMove. To date besides personal trainings I supervise the members of MyMove race Team for competitons in the cathegory of bikini and bodyfitness.
Competition history: Last time I stood on the stage in 2018 and I got my best result - the WBPF Europe title. Since then I keep thinking of serious competitons, but let us see what the future brings... :)

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Hi, my name is Dávid Varga. I have started doing sport early in the primary school (I played soccer) but I stopped doing so when I became 14. I would rather prefer computer games. The magic of this mystic world lasted until I became 19. Meanwhile my body weight grew to 123 kg. Therefore, my lifestyle started drastically ruin and, in addition, I also suffered a shoulder injury. Maybe this was the most difficult part of my life, which finally called for changes. I restarted playing soccer, and then the 3 training and the 2 matches per week made their well visible results. I was so started to pay attention to my diet. As a result I lost 38 kg during one and a half year. Although this active lifestyle was fruitful unfortunately I suffered a knee injury which made my soccer carrier ending. When looking for new challenges I found body-building. I train myself as a body-builder and fitness trainer at the Art. I am also qualified as a trx-trainer. I am specialized for personal trainings but it is not the end yet. I keep searching for new challenges since I believe in "Live and learn" lifestyle. :D I chose this job because I want to make people loving sports. In addiction I want to help them to achieve their goals. I succeeded I am gonna help you to do so as well.

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My name is Mónika Tóthné Berta and I am a Personal trainer and Fitness competitor. Sport plays a key role in my life. Already as a teenager, I have been regularly visiting Gyms and I preferred the trainings with extra weights. I have always been too skinny thus I wanted to built as much muscle as possible but without any serious plan by that time. I was 20 when my son arrived leading to a few years break in my trainings. He was 12 when momently got admitted to the Honvéd soccer academy. Since he is my only child, a lot of free time became available to me. By that time I started over my trainings with weights 4-5 times a week. After many supporting opinions I decided to test myself in competitions as well. I came out in the spring of 2018; I won 1 gold and 4 bronze medals in 3 competitions. And I got the III. place at the European Champion League. The aim of my life is to help people with my best of knowledge to fight down the unsporty lifestyle to preserve their health. In addition, I help them to build their personalized body under my professional, colourful and safe supervision. As an active competitor, I am pleased to support them with personalized diet and training plans. If you want to shape your body and ensure good physical conditions, if you want to be self-confident in a good-looking body buy you do not have the expertise and do not know how to use the equipment in the gym, if you just want to get started or you have been working hard but without much success so far, if you want to loose weight, build muscles or elaborate a perfect body for standing in front of an audience, contact me with trust! Your endurance in conjunction with my motivation is a guarantee of success.

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Ármin Pelyvás



My name is Ármin Pelyvás, I’m a personal trainer here at W54 Fitness.

For as long as I can remember, sport was always a big part of my life. I played volleyball and football in high school, and at the age of 19 I started weight training. I got my degree at ELTE University as a sport manager, and after that I became a personal trainer. For me a trainer is not just a person who is next to you during the sessions, but also a mentor, who encourages and motivates you through your „journey”. If you feel like you need help to start your new lifestyle, if you are just lost in the gym, or feel a lack of motivation, then don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Pálinkás Marcell



I’ve been around from a young age. My older brother and my parents influenced me to start playing basketball and I fell in love with it immediately. Of course it taught me how to work hard and how to work in a team but above all it taught me discipline. However, when I was fourteen I broke my wrist and I decided to stop playing, but I didn’t want to stop with the physical activities completely. I was always quite skinny and weak so there was no other choice but the weight room. At first it was hard and my technique was awful but I kept going. I started paying attention to my nutrition and the constant work showed its results. The noticeable improvements in my life gave me the motivation to get my training certificate. A lot of my friends asked me for advices before and the positive feedback gave me confidence that I’m on the right path. Self improvement is a never ending road and if you start, there is always something new to learn. If you come train with me you’ll not only get better physically, but you’ll get tougher mentally as well.

Let’s work!!

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Pálinkás Marcell

Zsófia Both



Throughout my life, I have tried many sports and participated in countless athletic competitions. In fact, there has never been a moment in my life when I have not engaged in some form of physical exercise. Aerobic gymnastics and equestrian sports made the most visible imprint on me.

There was no question that I would shift my scholastic aspirations to athletics due to its huge character building capacity on me and as a source of serotonin. Among many other things, I grew interested in lifestyle and nutrition, which are essential components of living a healthy life, but it was through my MSC studies that I realized I was most interested in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Even after receiving my diploma, I was compelled to learn more about sports injuries and musculoskeletal discomfort, as well as how to treat them. All of the people who came to me for advise encouraged me to do so since they did not want to give up physical activity despite their discomfort. As a consequence, I added a qualification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist to my kinesiology diploma.

My kinesiology disposition will undoubtedly leave an impact on whatever personal training I perform, which means you would see tools employed in both corrective and generic sessions (rubber bands, dynair, bosu, etc.). My objective is to ensure that you are comfortable in your own skin in your daily life and that you inhabit a functioning, strong, and energetic body. I can provide a vast and diversified selection of exercises that we will utilize to develop your muscles and calm your mind, preventing it from pondering your daily worries and allowing you to focus just on yourself. If you are willing, I will support you with all of my knowledge and passion.

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